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Life comes at us with difficult circumstances and we can think that we are all alone. Many of us just accept a faulty medical device, a seemingly random accident at work or persistent coughing because of asbestos on the factory floor. We don’t realize that no matter how helpless we might feel and how inevitable the painful circumstances of a defective hip implant or dog bite in the neighborhood might seem, there is a powerful ally that is simply waiting to help us: the personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer enjoys helping people who have nowhere else to turn when life gets hard through no fault of their own. S/he is expertly trained in helping average people to exercise their full rights under the law and get the compensation they deserve, rather than to suffer in silence with huge medical bills to boot.

That same personal injury lawyer can also protect you when an insurance company or dog owner comes after you. You can rest assured that you are being well defended and you are not on your own in court.

Personal injury lawyers also offer services that many people do not know about, including assistance in collecting medical benefits and tracking down needed records for legal action and personal files. They can give a lot of help when it comes time to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, whatever has befallen you.

Don’t forget: insurance companies are not in the business of enriching their clients or those who have claims against them. They often want to settle for as quickly and as cheaply as possible. You need someone on your side when faced with this sort of adversary.

Here are several other reasons to contact a personal injury lawyer after a vehicle accident or abuse suffered in a nursing home, among dozens of other scenarios