Burn Injuries

If you have been seriously burnt in a truck accident and the accident was not your fault, you may be able to seek compensation from whoever was at fault by using a personal injury attorney with experience in burn injuries and truck accidents.

Any kind of burns to the skin can be excruciating and there can be nothing worse than knowing that you did not do anything to bring about the accident. Truck accidents are some of the worst that happen on our highways as the consequences of a collision are so much more severe than between two smaller vehicles.

Burns injuries in vehicle accidents are not that common

It is relatively rare that a vehicle bursts into flame from anything except the result of a major collision, a serious fault or diesel leak or if one of the vehicles involved was carrying flammable materials. You would be very lucky indeed to have run into the path of this sort of truck and that it was out of control.

Most people do eventually recover from burns, but it can take a long time, especially if you have had any deeper burns while you were caught in your vehicle. Most second degree burns, which have penetrated past the outer layer of skin, may need surgery for skin grafts, a course of antibiotics and painkillers while the recovery process is taking place. If you have only received superficial burns, you may go back to work relatively soon, but any more serious burns may mean that you cannot return to work for several weeks or even months. If you are to have skin grafts, then you will also have to pay for specialized surgery.

Unexpected accidents can be financially problematic

Not everybody is insured up to the hilt and capable of recovering their full medical expenses as well as any losses in income because they couldn’t go back to work. If you are not insured or your insurance policies will not cover the likely expenses you are going to have to pay out through no fault of your own, it is even more vital that you are able to claim these amounts from whoever was at fault.

When you visit a truck accident attorney for the first time after your accident, you can provide as much detail as possible about the accident and anything that you can recall which might help the attorney find the cause of the accident. Any truck accident in which there were serious injuries, particularly a fire at the scene, should have been investigated thoroughly by crash investigators and / or the police and the evidence they will have discovered will be valuable.

Truck accidents may be the result of one or more different causes

Truck accidents can be caused by driver error, poor maintenance, defective truck parts or components, overloading, poor road conditions and may be exacerbated by extreme conditions like ice and fog. Your attorney will be able to assess whether the accident you were involved in left sufficient evidence to demonstrate that liability can be ascribed to the driver at the time, the truck company, or another third party that might share the blame for the accident and your burn injuries.

It is unlikely that you will need to make any upfront payments for legal assistance as most accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis and you will only pay a fee if you win a claim.