Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst things that can happen to anybody who has had the misfortune to have been hit by an out of control truck or one that was just badly driven. It is easy to be severely inured when in a small vehicle that has suffered a collision with a much larger and heavier one. In fact, the road accident data tells us that there are many more serious injuries caused during a truck accident than any other type of traffic accident.


As long as the accident can be blamed on the larger vehicle, then you have good grounds for filing a damages claim against whoever is found to be ultimately responsible. You will really need a fair and adequate compensation settlement negotiated between your chosen personal injury lawyer and the insurance company representatives of the person or entity at fault as there may be massive bills which you are going to have to pay as well as a huge readjustment to life after the accident.


Spinal cord tissue cannot naturally repair itself


Spinal cord injuries are particularly serious, as they involve body tissue that does not have the natural ability to repair itself. While there is a distinction between damage to the outer, protective part of the spine: the vertebrae, layers of cartilage and ligaments and the inner nerve fibers, they are so interconnected and close together that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the differences.


Damage to the individual bones and the disks is normally very painful and may require being house bound and being unable to move round readily until these parts of the body repair themselves. Sometimes, small fragments of bone can shatter and protrude into the spinal cord, which is where more serious damage can be done. Normally, delicate surgery is needed to remove these fragments so they can no longer harm the nerves.


Paralysis can result from a break in the spinal cord at any level


Any break in the spinal cord can lead to paralysis below that particular point. This may involve the voluntary muscles as well as control over the bladder, bowels and even affect the ability to regulate breathing.


If the damage is permanent, it will require a wholesale change in the way you must live your life in the future. A well thought out compensation settlement negotiated by your attorney will at least bring some comfort to your life and relieve the financial pressure on you and your family.


Truck accident liability may be shared by more than one third party


Truck accidents are not always straightforward as they require proving liability for the accident and truck companies are often well practiced at evading responsibility. There may be several people or third party that shares some of the responsibility for the accident and it will require a very experienced attorney to discover who or what was the causative factors in the accident and aggressively fight for your very real future needs.