Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Vehicle rollover accidents are so deadly that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared them a top public safety risk. While most people think that sports utility vehicles are more likely to flip over than other types of cars, the truth of the matter is that vehicle rollovers can happen in any type of car make or model.

No matter what type of motor vehicle flips over, the chances of severe injury or even death are greater than in any other type of crash.

The common causes behind vehicle rollover accidents include swerving off the road, striking an object in the road or attempting to maneuver too quickly at a high rate of speed. Whatever the cause, the types of injuries associated with vehicle rollovers – broken bones, trauma, paralysis or other disabilities – are extremely costly to victims.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed in a vehicle rollover crash, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your recovery.  Because of the unique factors that may be involved in this type of crash, don’t trust an inexperienced attorney when it comes to protecting your family from further harm after a vehicle rollover crash.

Your best bet is an attorney with experience investigating vehicle rollover accident claims and a track record of success. It’s your best shot at getting your life back on track and securing your future after this devastating type of crash.


Sports utility vehicles and cars are especially susceptible to rollover when travelling at a high rate of speed, as a driver may not have the time to avoid a hazard in the road or prevent a collision from happening. Striking a curb, a pothole or another vehicle while going too fast can contribute to a rollover, especially in top-heavy vehicles.

Even if the car doesn’t hit anything, a sharp turn could lead to a vehicle flipping over on its side or roof. Malfunctioning auto parts or lack of safety features can also cause vehicle rollovers. The risks associated with rollover crashes first came to the public’s attention during a major tire recall, when it was shown that the defective tires were causing vehicles to become unbalanced.

A vehicle that has been manufactured without a roll cage is also considered a defect, because these types of motor vehicles are easily crushed – leading to additional property damage and injuries to drivers and passengers.

Careless or inexperienced drivers may also be partially responsible for a vehicle rollover crash. Drivers who were going above the legal speed limit or who weren’t paying attention to the road are more likely to be involved in car accidents with serious consequences. Even when accounting for unsafe vehicles, dangerous drivers are also a significant contributor to vehicle rollover accidents.


Victims of vehicle rollover accidents are more likely to suffer from injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Surviving victims may have spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, disfigurement or other serious conditions that will be a financial drain for years to come.

There is a high cost to the victim associated with vehicle rollover crashes, from the expense of emergency medical attention to the need for rehabilitation in order to continue leading a relatively normal life. Some may need to relearn how to speak and how to walk. Others will require extensive surgery in order to heal. Most will be in and out of hospital for treatment, causing an enormous burden to families.

Injuries this serious have other unfortunate financial consequences as well, such as jeopardizing a victim’s ability to work. Minor injuries will require victims to miss work as they seek treatment, while major injuries could mean they will never return to their former jobs or occupations – causing them to lose out on sources of income for years to come.

A qualified attorney knows how to add up all of the costs a vehicle rollover accident victim will face. In addition, an attorney chosen with care will know what potential sources of compensation will be available to victims in need. When it comes to recovering costs associated with a vehicle rollover crash, multiple parties may be responsible, from the driver to the automobile manufacturer to the government entity responsible for the condition and upkeep of the roads.

You will need an attorney who won’t hesitate to pursue all possible sources of recovery necessary for rebuilding your life. If you have been involved in a vehicle rollover accident, contact us today to begin your fight for adequate compensation.