Four teenagers were seriously injured when their vehicle flipped the median. The young driver was thrown out of the vehicle.  This one-car accident occurred in Route 2 and was reported by Trooper Kenneth Gaetz from the Massachusetts State Police.

State Trooper Gaetz narrated that a 2001 Hyundai Elantra was driven by Ryan Cuddahy, 18 years of age, from Leominster.  The incident happened on Friday night while the Hyundai was heading west on Lancaster Route 2.

Initial investigation shows that the driver, Cuddahy, lost control of the vehicle at around 11:30PM.  The Hyundai first swayed to the left and hit the mid area of the grass divider of the highway.  The vehicle then hit the high fence and was airlifted then finally fell again at the opposite end of the highway.

It was also revealed that the passengers were not wearing seat belts which caused the driver to be hurled outside the car. The three male passengers were able to get out of the car when it landed on the opposite site of the highway.

Ryan Cuddahy and Nicholas Bergeron, also 18 years old, were rushed to the Worcester- UMass Medical Center.  Cuddahy sustained injuries that needed intensive care though the injuries were not life threatening. He is reported to be in a stable condition and can be released after tests would be made to determine if there are any internal injuries.  Bergeron suffered minor injuries and was allowed to go home after a night in the hospital.

The two other male passengers who are also residents of Leominster were taken to Health Alliance Hospital. Doctors released them after treatment of the minor injuries they sustained.

It was fortunate that the young driver and his passengers were not badly hurt from the incident and that no death happened because of such accident.

State Trooper Gaetz said that Ryan Cuddahy was not under the influence  of alcohol nor drugs and that no illegal substances were found on him, his companions or in his car. However,  he can be charged with negligence in operating a motor vehicle.  Cuddahy and his passengers will also be charged for violation of the Seat Belt Law.

Highway troopers and authorities are very strict in the enforcement of the Seat Belt Law and a violation could mean fines and penalties.  In the case of Cuddahy, his injuries would not be as grave had he been wearing a seat belt.  No mention has been made whether the young driver was speeding or if road conditions were hazardous at the time of the accident. A thorough evaluation of the circumstances will be needed so this incident will not happened again especially to young drivers.

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