PHILADELPHIA – At around midnight a suspect tried to drive away when he saw the approached of the police. The suspect tried to flee when his car was stopped by authorities at the corner of 63rd and Callowhill Sts, in West Philly. By his action, he was confirming the police’s suspicion that he was running away from an accident.

According to the police, the driver is suspected to have struck a pedestrian and a parked vehicle. He tried to drive away bur had to stop when his car hit a utility pole. Before the police stopped the suspect, he was already trying to run after hitting a pedestrian and crashing on a vehicle.

The police are investigating the run-away driver which was a very suspicious action. However, they did not release the identity and age of the suspect as investigation was ongoing. The resisting driver was arrested, taken in custody several charges were filed against him.

After the police inspected the vehicle of the suspect, they were able find more evidences. They reported that charges filed against the suspect will be increased as his car contains a large quantity of drugs and even guns. In the state, possession of illegal drugs and possession of unlicensed guns are two very serious offenses.

The pedestrian, whose name was not given to the media, sustained injuries and was transported to the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Medical authorities said that his injuries are critical and he will be undergoing treatment for a fractured pelvis and two broken legs.

The law on illegal drugs is very strict. It stated that if a person is caught in the position of an illegal drug for your own use wherever you kept it – concealed inside your pocket, hidden in your bag, kept within the premises of your house or car, you have great liability. The authority can charge you with illegal position wherever the drug is kept as long as it is proven that you control its whereabouts. Authorities will dig up all circumstances and will file charges based on their own findings.

If it is your first offense, you will be given a formal warning; when a formal warning is given, it is still recorded in local police files. A first offender is given enough warning that the offense would not happen again. The warning is clear that there will be no second chance given.

If you have been caught for the second time then the police will file charges. There will be no more excuse accepted. The penalty will depend on the amount of illegal drug you have with you. The larger the quantity, the higher the penalty.

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